Talent Management

Talent attraction and acquisition is only one part of the talent management agenda. Keeping the agenda simple and embedded within the organisation is a key driver of success and on-going competitive advantage. Looking ahead, many business and HR leaders not only have a requirement to demonstrate a vibrant talent management strategy but also need to demonstrate the return on investment and business benefits that they will acquire from their investment in evolving talent. Talentmark helps clients calculate the benefits of individuals to their organisation by assessing the lifetime value of each employee and their contribution to the business.

In conjunction with a professional network of over 120 leading, accredited specialists in Talent Management, Talentmark supports its clients with strategic and proactive initiatives to help attract, select, recruit, place, develop, coach, promote, motivate and retain employees. Talentmark believes that talent is an organisation’s heartbeat and that talent management drives performance.

Talentmark’s core services include:

• Bespoke Assessment and Development Events

• Senior Level Assessment for Recruitment and Succession Planning

• Identifying and Developing High Potentials

• Executive Coaching

• Team Development

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Why Talentmark?
Talentmark identified high quality candidates from Europe and the USA, in many cases beyond the networks known to each company and their investors
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