Talentmark Resourcing Solutions

Today’s discerning client expects more from its recruitment partner than the prescribed and traditional approaches to talent acquisition they are routinely directed towards. Whilst tradition still has a role to play, increasingly clients want choice and flexibility in how they partner to acquire talent. Resourcing Solutions from Talentmark offers the flexibility, scalability and, above all, the choice of services clients seek.

Resourcing Solutions are driven by client needs. Close consultation with Talentmark concludes in well defined, individually tailored, flexible and results-driven solutions that deliver talent whilst reducing time and cost per hire without compromising on quality. Whether the requirement is for an individual mid- to senior-level or a specialist hire, Talentmark has the expertise to assist. Likewise, Talentmark is equally able to offer both short term resourcing of a multi-head project or the on-going management of the end-to-end recruitment process. Resourcing Solutions from Talentmark is refreshingly different by design.

For further information please contact Talentmark for an introductory discussion with a functional specialist.

Hybrid Solutions

Talentmark’s Hybrid Solutions draws on one of the largest single databases of relevant pharmaceutical and life science professionals worldwide. This is used in conjunction with targeted research to offer a performance-driven, fast and effective service for the identification of candidates where an in-depth assessment is not required. Functional experts work transparently against defined deadlines to give the client the broadest possible pool of talent at a set point in time. Talentmark Consultants understand the complexity of client assignments and act as the client’s advocate in front of the candidate, screening each individual for the core competencies required for the role, successfully managing the recruitment process to its conclusion.

For further information please contact Talentmark for an introductory discussion with a functional specialist.

Talentmark Insourcing

Talentmark Insourcing builds and contracts back qualified and experienced teams in a flexible and scalable way that doesn’t increase headcount. Working on behalf of the client, Talentmark Insourcing selects and directly employs the team assuming full payroll and employee responsibility. This provides significant benefits to the client who can direct the team during the life of the project without the associated administrative headache of employing the resource themselves. At the end of the project the responsibility to release and redeploy the team rests with Talentmark. Talentmark has recently deployed this service for clinical operations and medical liaison teams with excellent results.

By engaging Talentmark to manage a wide range of sourcing channels and solutions in a strategic and controlled way, and by leveraging Talentmark’s depth of industry knowledge and life science recruitment expertise, clients will source the best talent quickly, at a reduced cost and without compromising quality.

For further information please contact Talentmark for an introductory discussion.

Resourcing Solutions

Resourcing Solutions
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Why Talentmark?
Talentmark has been a particularly valuable partner in highly specialist roles, often in emerging functional areas which are still developing, where the importance of transferable capability becomes very important
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