Talentmark Managed Services

Managed Services are ideal for organisations experiencing growth or organisational change, where available resource is at a premium and diverted when high volumes of recruitment activity are required. Managed Services from Talentmark are ideal when the hiring volume does not require investment in a full RPO solution but still requires close attention to detail and a quality of service from experienced life science Consultants.

As a Managed Service provider, Talentmark becomes an integral part of the client’s emerging or established HR function, dedicated to attracting, assessing and hiring permanent and interim talent, managing every aspect of the recruitment process and enhancing the client’s recruitment capability. As such, Talentmark’s focus is on driving the recruitment process and supporting other added-value talent management solutions that clients may have on board. The Talentmark service can span the end-to-end recruitment lifecycle or can encompass a bespoke service that complements the client’s internal capability and resources, including the management of third party suppliers.

Talentmark Welcomes Andreas Reimer

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Andreas Reimer to the key role of...

Why Talentmark?
Talentmark has been a particularly valuable partner in highly specialist roles, often in emerging functional areas which are still developing, where the importance of transferable capability becomes very important
Talent Manager and Talent Acquisition Lead UK and Ireland, Bristol-Myers Squibb
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