Executive Search

Talentmark was the first dedicated executive search consultancy to specialise in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. Since 1971, and in over 40 countries, Talentmark has developed relationships with top performers and industry leaders. Through this network Talentmark is internationally recognised for delivering exceptional results.

Typically Talentmark is tasked with finding rare executive talent with good leadership skills from strong scientific or medical backgrounds, frequently coupled with significant commercial experience. These appointments often sit at board level and at the very least will have a significant leadership and strategic responsibility. Talentmark takes a scientific approach to each Executive Search project, allowing clients to understand the potential candidate pool and giving them objective and transparent information to support the decision-making process. 

Talentmark delivers results that are a step above less specialised Executive Search businesses. Taking the time to understand how the client’s business works, Talentmark will then consider how this is best represented in the market. This is followed by a systematic approach to the identification of top talent where specifically tailored messages are used to engage the best Candidates.

At Talentmark, every Executive Search project is approached with fresh eyes, with a team that will push at current levels of thinking in order to find a better way to do things. When Talentmark is engaged to manage an Executive Search project, the same consultant will execute the entire assignment, from planning the research to personally interviewing every prospective candidate.

Every Executive Search project is provided under warranty, a testament to the quality and exceptional level of service that comes as standard.

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Executive Search Process

  • Working with Talentmark

  • Understanding: Client consultation - search strategy

  • Identification: Market definition and mapping

  • Engagement: Employer branding and candidate engagement

  • Delivery: Candidate assessment, process and offer management

  • Integration: Induction support - Impact assessment

  • Improved