Executive Intelligence

Integral to an overall resourcing strategy, executive mapping allows the forward thinking client to build a picture of the existing and available expertise in a particular functional or business area. Focusing on the client’s competitors, or other organisations of interest, the available 'talent pool' can be assessed against planned or potential recruitment needs. Talentmark can also benchmark the internal talent against the ‘best in class’.

Thorough research develops a detailed understanding of a target organisation’s structures and key talent, to whom discrete approaches can be made as appropriate to understand their role and responsibilities, circumstances, experience, outlook and motivation for a career move. Through the development of a talent map, the client will build a pipeline of potential candidates and enhance their decision making capability.

Talentmark begins Executive Mapping by consulting with the client on their future resourcing needs: reviewing and identifying internal gaps before discussing potential recruitment solutions. If the review concludes that external talent is required, mapping activity can be quickly transferred into a full search or other recruitment solution as appropriate.

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Talentmark Welcomes Andreas Reimer

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Andreas Reimer to the key role of...

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Talentmark identified high quality candidates from Europe and the USA, in many cases beyond the networks known to each company and their investors
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