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Why Talentmark?
Talentmark identified high quality candidates from Europe and the USA, in many cases beyond the networks known to each company and their investors
Andrew P Sandham Chairman & CEO, Kymab Ltd & Bicycle Therapeutics Ltd

Engaging With Talentmark

Working as advisors to the life sciences industry, Talentmark's role has changed significantly with the years. The industry faces a host of new challenges and it has become increasingly important to support the decision making process with insight, data and hard facts.

Talentmark’s depth of insight enables it to work closely with organisations to understand expectations and manage uncertainty, enabling clients to maximise outcomes.

Talentmark takes its duty of care to Candidates very seriously. Assuming a duty to every individual, from the outset Candidates can expect an honest and open approach.

The Talentmark team represents some of the most experienced Consultants and Researchers in the business. Many of the team have worked in the industry and in some cases even performed the role for which they are recruiting. 

Many of Talentmark’s relationships go back for decades and are built on trust and track record. Talentmark teams hold detailed insights into client businesses which gives them the ability to address any initial questions that Candidates may have.

Following delivery of an application, Candidates will receive a response within a few days. Should you be invited to interview, please tell us in advance if you have any special needs.

When attending an interview at Talentmark, documentation should be provided with proof of your identity.

Feedback following a job application or interview will be given to you as soon as possible, regardless of the outcome. Feedback with be open and honest, whether the outcome is positive or negative.

Independent advice on your career options can be sought from Talentmark’s consultants regardless of your current interest in new opportunities.

For additional information and support please visit Talentmark's Resources section.

Talentmark has built a solid client base of regular clients who value the company's help and advice.

While only a small portion of Talentmark’s business each year is derived from new clients, the company welcomes the opportunity to establish long term relationships with the best international organisations across the life sciences sector, helping clients to build successful and self sustaining teams.


What to Expect


Before an assignment

In the initial meeting, one of Talentmark's Consultants will listen and seek to understand the Candidate's requirements. Talentmark’s success lies in the ability to not just identify and assess capability but to understand the fabric of the organisation and who is likely to be successful in that environment. This reduces the risk associated with specialist and executive hiring.

Where Talentmark is not limited by confidentiality, the company will support requests for information about its capability and specific assignment experience.

Following a stakeholder briefing, Talentmark will prepare a structured proposal with a detailed recruitment strategy, target list, timeframes and associated fees.  

Objective and constructive feedback will be shared on the difficulty of any assignment and associated risks.

The project team will be introduced. This will normally include a lead and support Consultant, an experienced Researcher and administration support.


Once an assignment has commenced, a weekly report will be issued with a clear overview of assignment progress and feedback from the market.

Clear and open communication is key to the success of any assignment.


Talentmark will manage the transition process while a Candidate becomes an Employee or Interim Manager.

A post induction meeting is conducted separately with the new employee and the client. This allows Talentmark to offer support and facilitate on any issues that have arisen during the Candidate’s integration into the new environment. More detailed support such as First 100 Days and other impact assessment programmes are also available.

Talentmark provides guarantees for all placements with full warranties to minimise risk and maximise confidence.

The company's Managed Service programs have a detailed implementation plan to ensure that the client derives maximum benefits from all services.

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